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Bradley Lynx x Polyola Eco-Tec

Bradley Lynx x Polyola Eco-Tec

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The Lynx is a stealthy, opportunistic predator. Stalking lineups with a feline economy of effort, poise and balance, don’t be fooled an easy, pleasing appearance; it’s got a lethal edge. With a generous, curvy outline, the Lynx was conceived to bring all the paddle power, easy speed and flow of a mid-length, but still turn off the tail in the pocket like your favourite shortboard. 

Size-wise, it’s designed to fall between those mid length and shortboard categories - 6’4” - 7’0” - snagging waves like the former, manœuvring like the latter. Whether you’re paddle battle wearing from crowded lineups, lacking a touch of fitness or simply want to up your wave count, while still being able to jam it over on rail and belt lips, the Lynx is the board for you.

Moderate rockers combine with a curvey outline to marry instant speed with a lively turning circle, while medium low rails deliver hold through turns, forgiving but never corky. It’s those best of both worlds sensibilities that have helped make the Lynx an instant top seller. 


Note: The color and shape of the rail spray may vary slightly