How to unpack and check your delivery

1. Checking the Box

Please ensure that the package is in good condition with no visible damages. If there are any visible damages on the box, you have two options:

  • 1st) In there unlikely event that you notice severe damage to the package, you can refuse to accept the delivery. The package will be returned to the sender (the respective manufacturer of your surfboard eg. Basque Country Surf or Polen Factory). However, if you choose to accept the package without informing the courier or making a note of the damages, we will be unable to file a claim if the contents are damaged. So


  • 2nd) Notify the courier and make a note of the damages at the time of delivery. Even if there are no visible damages on the package, inform the courier to mark it as "Revision Pending" before accepting the package. This will help facilitate reporting to the shipping company. Often, the contents of the package are undamaged despite the rough appearance of the package. If you fail to inform the courier about external damages during delivery, we will be unable to file a claim. If there are no signs of damaged packaging, please inform the courier that the goods need to be reviewed before signing for the delivery, in case the contents are damaged.

2. Take clear pictures of the package:

In rare cases, the package may appear undamaged, but the contents may have suffered damage. Therefore, it is crucial to follow this step.

Take several pictures as follows:

  • Clear picture of the shipping sticker that contains the delivery information.
  • Pictures of the exterior of the package from different angles.
  • Picture of the interior of the package before opening it to show how the contents were packed.

3. Carefully unwrap the contents.

4. If the Surfboard have arrived in perfect condition, enjoy the ride!


5. If the Surfboard is damaged:

If you observe any damages, please contact us by sending an email to

Attach all the pictures you took as explained in the previous steps.

Please note that Sustainable Surfboard Shop is not responsible for damages that occur during shipping, but we will assist you in filing a claim for compensation.

You have to file a claim within a week after receiving the order but best is as soon as you unpacked it, because some transportation companies only accept immediate claims. After this period, no claims will be accepted.

Most important: If damages are visible on the package, you need to inform the courier at the time of delivery; otherwise, it will not be possible to claim the damaged goods.

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