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Bradley Hossego2 x Polyola Eco-Tec

Bradley Hossego2 x Polyola Eco-Tec

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Words by Euroglass: With twin pin designs enjoying unprecedented popularity around the surf world, Bradley has added his unique performance tweaks to deliver the freedom and fun of a twin, in a board that looks as beautiful as it performs. 

The concept for the Hossego2 was to not be too loose; the beachbreaks around SW France can get hollow and powerful quickly, so while enjoying the unrestrained liberty of no centre fin, you still need control on steep faces. The resulting board offers all the classic twin fin top line speed, but will still ride the tube, fly over mushy sections and turn on a dime; all on the same wave.

A wider, beaky nose and straighter outline gives up front volume for instant speed as soon as you pop up… whilst a slight wing in the tail brings that outline to come in a tighter tail, combining with a hard rails for that all important grip. 


Note: The color and shape of the rail spray may vary slightly